March 30th

So this past week has been uneventful with the fact that I had a tooth pulled that had been hurting me for the last 6 months. I have a HUGE fear of the dentist so going to the dentist is tough for me. I like to think I’m a tough cookie but the dentist makes me cry like a little school girl. So they gave me some anti-anxiety meds and laughing gas to calm me down. So I’ve been on a “soft food diet” for the last couple of days. I’ve made some great food regardless of restrictions. As for working out I haven’t done anything due to the fact that much moving was making my tooth and lack thereof tooth.

I did get to spend some 1 v 1 with the ham man himself Parker on Saturday. The girls had a meltdown so daddy stayed home with the girls and mommy and Parker got to go the pet store and grocery store. He talked the ENTIRE car ride and was so excited to spend time with just me. Such a treat. I’m also pretty sure I spent WAY more at the grocery store than I wanted to because of him but I didn’t want to tell the kid that he couldn’t have the healthy stuff (which he asked for instead of the junk…MOMMY WIN!)

So I’ve been on an oatmeal and fruit kick lately. This meal total was 9 points and so filling. I love Quaker Old Fashion Oats. Add some fat-free milk (or Almond milk which I love too) and a little brown sugar and you’ve got yummy oatmeal. Top with your favorite fruit and its a nice filling meal that looks amazing and tastes just as good if not better.

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These things right here are pretty amazing and LOW in points! A great mid morning or mid afternoon snack. I’m not always a fan of Greek Yogurt because it can be pretty bitter but if they have certain flavors to them it takes the bitterness away and gives it a nice sweet taste. Best part about these is the fact my kids aren’t fans and I get to enjoy these ALL BY MYSELF. All parents know how that is right?!

So for dinner on Saturday I decided I was going to try breakfast for dinner. My husbands favorite meal is French Toast. Now most know french toast can be pretty heavy in calorie count and for one simple slice it can be over 6 WW points! So I decided to try STUFFED FRENCH TOAST my own way….And here is the finally result
Doesn’t it look amazing??? Well it was. My husband was very impressed and said it needs to be a new meal for us at least once a month lol.
So this is how I did it.
Fiber One Bread White bread (2 slices was 3PP)Better N’ Eggs/egg substitute (0PP for 3 tablespoons)
Strawberry Cream Cheese (try to find low calories mine was 2PP for 2 tablespoons but I only used 1)
Weight Watchers Cream Cheese (2PP)
Cinnamon and Nutmeg to taste
Fruits of your picking

I placed my egg substitute in a bowl and put as much cinnamon and nutmeg as I felt was “good enough” . Kinda reminds me of how my mom always told me “when it feels right then its right”…Yep thanks mom that TOTALLY helps 🙂
Then I took my slices of bread and on one piece I used 1 tablespoon of Strawberry Cream Cheese and on the other was the WW cream cheese. Then I topped each side with banana slices, strawberry slices and blueberries. Stacked it together and basted the outside of the bread with the egg mixture. Then put in my griddle and browned it to perfection. I did add a little sugar-free syrup to the top but really it didn’t need it since it was sweet enough by itself. Still good with it or without it. On my husbands TWO I did one strawberry and one pumpkin cream cheese spread. He enjoyed it. So really you can make it however you want with your own ideas and spread because it so simple.

So for dessert I decided a nice shake would be good to have healthy and tasty. Strawberry Vanilla Shake.


1/2oz Fat Free Sugar Free Instant Vanilla Pudding and Pie Filling Mix
2 Cups Strawberries Sliced
1 Cup Fat Free Skim Milk (I used Almond Milk)
1/2 Cup fat-free plain yogurt

Combine all ingredients together in a blender; puree until smooth. Yields about 1 1/4 cups per serving

It’s off to Watch the Season Finale of The Walking Dead here’s to hoping the cannibals don’t kill off Daryl or Glen otherwise I may cry
ctGsZm-who-do-you-think-will-be-the-l-vHC7You speak the truth Glen 🙂

Spring Forward?!

I feel like the time change has thrown me completely for a loop. I feel so off and feel like I have lost all sense of time.


So I did my insanity workout AFTER dinner! And I don’t do that. I hate working out after eating but I still did it. Today was NOTHING but Cardio and it showed me how out of shape I really am. Of course my husband was home to witness the lack of coordination and stamina but hey I did it! That’s what matter right? My entire body is sore but its that good sore from working out those muscles I didn’t think I ever used. Still hating push ups and I don’t think I will ever be able to do very many. But day 5 is complete that is a WHOLE HAND!

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I’ve always said I have a nice butt and clearly my husband who took pictures thought so too. But hey it shows its working and you can see some definition in my thighs again! Woohoo! Got to find the positives in things otherwise you wont feel good about yourself ❤


So this weekend consisted of a lot of left overs but tonight we made Stuffed Pepper Soup.
Now one of our favorite recipes in this house is Stuffed Peppers in the crockpot and they are amazing. So as we were meal planning this week I ran across this recipe from and thought its got to be good if its anything like our favorite recipe. Well I was glad to find out that it was AMAZING! We did add some red pepper flakes to give it a little more kick and we found the diced tomatoes that had some oregano and basil in them to add to the flavoring. We are HUGE on flavor here so bland things aren’t allowed in the house haha. We really enjoyed this and the best part is that its 7 points which is 1 1/2 cups soup, 1/2 cup rice! That is a HUGE bowl of soup when it comes down to it. Very filling and totally worth it. Oh and the best part its SUPER easy to make! I would HIGHLY suggest adding it to your menu this month, you wont be disappointed.

SO I want to know from my readers do you have a favorite recipe or website that you could send my way that I could try?! I’m always looking for new ideas 🙂index