Appearance Struggles with Weight Loss

One of the things that no one really tells you you when losing weight is how to cope with your new self. You think great I’m going to lose this much weight I’m going to look amazing and I’m going to feel amazing. Yet when you lose a certain amount of weight those thoughts seem to go right out the window, or at least they have for me.

I’ve lost 27lbs so far and things seem harder then they did before I started losing the weight. I still have the mentality of being horribly over weight and only being comfortable in sweatpants and large t-shirts. No matter what I wear its just never makes me feel good or pretty. Its totally a mind over matter thing but as everyone knows that’s easier said then done.

Losing weight is a life style change. Its not just about the changing of your eating habits and exercise habits but its also a mental change. How you see yourself needs to change both inside and out. Question is how does one do this? I wish I had the answer since clearly I’m struggling to be happy with my body. Don’t get me wrong I’m SO happy with how far I’ve come and what I’ve done I just wish I was happy with the results physically. I hear everyone tell me how great I look and how far I’ve come but I don’t see that. I don’t see myself looking good in anything. I am constantly trying on clothes in my closet thinking oh this will look good and then I go to the mirror and it comes off faster then a dress on prom night 😉

Some how mentally I have to figure out how to over come this obstacle. I thought I was alone in this struggle when in fact talking with friends who are losing weight that they too are struggling with this. I try and encourage them and tell them how amazing they look and how awesome they are doing yet for some reason I can’t tell myself that. While my mental block wont stop me from keeping on my journey it sometimes hinders it, it happens to the best of us; but I’ve got to keep pushing and keep trekking to be the better me. Just need to start pushing the negative thoughts about myself away and start looking at my successes. Small steps right?

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