Why should I change me?

I’ve never been that “skinny” girl in life. I’ve always been a “bigger” girl and I use that term loosely because I wasn’t what you would call overweight but instead I was muscle and a lot of it in areas. I had meat on my bones along with a bigger chest, big thighs and a bubble butt. Those come from 20 years of playing sports mostly ice hockey growing up. Its what made me a dominant force out on the ice was the power and strength in my legs. Now I’m 29 with 3 kids and I weigh more than I have ever weighed before. It started when I had kids but I can’t blame them completely for how my body turned out (I will continue to remind them these lovely stretch marks are from them lol) but the rest was me. I was the one being lazy, I was the one eating the unhealthy foods because it was easy and I was the one who was making excuses. I decided it was time for a change when my oldest said to me while getting dressed….”mommy why does your body look like that its sagging everywhere, I hope mine NEVER looks like that.” Nothing like a 4 year old putting thing into perspective for me. She doesn’t really understand and I hope for her down the road she never has to understand what its like to be unhealthy. After that day I told my husband I need to do whatever it takes to fix this. I need to be healthy for my kids, my family and for most of all for ME!

So for me to start being healthy and getting to be the better me my first and foremost step was ACCOUNTABILITY. I needed to make myself accountable for my actions. Needed to stop blaming others for what I was doing to my own body and realizing that I should have control of it.
Second step for me was finding the resources that would help me meet the small goals to then reach my ultimate goal in the end. First one was getting myself the Fitbit flex, I’ve been saving up my precious money for a long time to get me one of these puppies and now that I have it I LOVE it! It tracks my steps, calories burned, and even tracks my sleep patterns (which shows I really don’t sleep very well, thanks kids and puppy lol). My next purchase was that of my new life style eating change. And I can thank weight watchers for helping me with that. I can eat good meals even ones I was already eating and know how many points each item is. Its like calorie tracking but for me slightly easier. I’ve been on WW for a little under a month and I LOVE it! If you have are up in the air check out their WW Simple Start. After I had all of this it was now finding a workout that I would love. I’m not a huge gym fan since I don’t like going with all the other people around. I will still go a couple of times a week but I needed something I could do at home in the comfort of my own house where I could look like an idiot and the only ones laughing were my kids and the dog. I really wanted to do one of Shaun T’s videos but they were so expensive for me to try without knowing if I would like it or not. So my friend let me borrow her Insanity DVDs and I fell in love! So awesome and I’m only of day 4! But I can already feel muscles I forgot I had.
Step 3: Actually doing the work and keeping myself motivated and dedicated. The biggest reason for me to start a blog and a Facebook page was to keep myself motivated and to keep myself accountable. Hoping that maybe I could help inspire others to do what I am doing.

Everyone morning now I make myself and the kids breakfast. No more cereal for me I need to make a real breakfast since it is the most important meal of the day and sets your day in motion. I enjoy my morning coffee with it, catch up on my daily favorite blog readings and then head to Pinterest to check out my favorite motivational quotes. Without fail this is my morning whether the kids are in school or at home. I have to make sure to start my day off right.

SO I will end my post with some of my favorite quotes! Do you have any favorite motivational quotes you would like to share?